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CD and DVD Products

CD-Plastic-Sleeve-productsCD and DVD duplication Products are suitable for reproduction of smaller quantities from a CD or DVD master. CD and DVD duplication services are normally used where the volume of discs is less than 2000 units. An advantage of CD and DVD duplication is a very fast turnaround time, from 24 hours depending on your choice of packaging.

CD and DVD replication set-up costs include the manufacture of glass masters from which the discs are produced. Turnaround time is a little longer and also dependent on your packaging.

Additionally our clients often choose our other services such as design, production and printing of artwork consisting of inserts, booklets, magazines, software boxes, sleeves and many other printed options using silk screen or offset litho for paper parts to complete the presentation of the CD or DVD. At ACTA Media Solutions we specialise in providing a package of high quality for the CD or DVD duplication and replication with professional design, printing, finishing and packaging solutions.